May 3, 2011

Lisette Portfolio Blouse

It's official.  I have finished something for myself that fits moderately well.  I always tell people that I only sew for people who haven't hit puberty yet.  I picked up this Simplicity Lisette Portfolio pattern set the other day, and was struck by how much I liked all of the pieces in the collection.  Turns out they are all designed by Liesl Gibson who designs the Oliver + S kids patterns.  I'm a huge fan of hers.


I was in Arlington about a week later and found this great fabric from Anthology's Mod Charm collection, and setttled down to sew.   I decided to make the blouse instead of the dress or tunic first, just so I could get an idea about size.  In retrospect, I see that the top length is listed as cropped, which I had to account for by making a bias binding for the hem.  I also ripped off the cuffs that I created for the shirt and made a simple rolled-hem cuff.  The cuffs would have been cute, but unfortunately I was running out of interfacing, so I used a slightly heavier facing, which ended up making the cuffs feel like shackles.  Anyhow,  here are the results.

Sleeve Detail

Placket Detail


Sunshine Detail

I think I'll keep it!


Liesl said...

It looks good on you! Will you try the tunic next? That one is my favorite. Thanks for posting your photo to the Flickr group--I love seeing what people make from the Lisette patterns. Cheers!

The Reluctant Craftster said...

I was in New York City last week and picked up some great cotton batiste to make the tunic with. I love the tunic you made out of the Nani Iro gauze.

the fuquays said...

love it marge - you look great and the top is very cute. i am impressed with all your cute sewing. i might have to follow your lead and start sewing for kate.