February 24, 2011

My New Sewing Machine

Well, it's done.  I have officially moved into the digital age.  My first sewing machine was my mother's avocado green Singer, followed by a budget Brother machine that my husband bought one summer when he thought he'd teach himself to quilt.  After much debate and research, I have purchased the Brother PC-210 Limited Edition Project Runway sewing machine.
So far, so good...kind of.  It's not the machine I'm afraid....it's me.  So when I first set the machine up I didn't plug in the foot pedal.  I am evidently completely incapable of sewing without one.  I kept moving my foot onto an invisible pedal when I got near the corners.  The other thing I had to figure out was that the default position for the needle on this machine is in the left position.  With those two problems solved, it seems to be smooth sewing from here on out.

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